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The Guarantee is for the original Owner and covers the Dwelling or Alterations and Additions Work described in the Guarantee Agreement between the Registered Master Builder and the Owner, and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Guarantee.

Period of Guarantee:

All our work is covered by a 5 year Guarantee.

Types of Guarantee:
There are three types of Master Build Guarantee for residential building work.

  • One for new homes
  • One for additions & alterations to homes, and
  • One for low-cost or minor works to homes.

Classes of Cover:

  On Full Contract work where the Registered Master Builder is the head contractor, the Guarantee covers all materials and all work completed by the Registered Master Builder and by all the sub-contractors engaged by him, up to an aggregate amount of €100,000 including IVA.

  • On Labour Only work where the client is the head contractor, the Guarantee covers only defects in workmanship for work actually undertaken by the Registered Master Builder, up to a maximum of the labour-only contract price.

What Is Not Covered By The Guarantee:

  • Any deposit paid by the Owner to the Registered Master Builder where the value of the work completed is less than the amount of the deposit.
  • Any advance payment where the value of the work completed is less than the amount paid to the Registered Master Builder.
  • Apart from garages, any ancillary work outside the Dwelling, such as outbuildings, retaining walls, fences, paths, driveways, drains or landscaping.
  • Loss or damage arising from any damage or defects beyond the reasonable control of the Registered Master Builder. e.g.
  • Subsidence, shrinkage, contraction or expansion, weather, Acts of God, wear & tear or a lack of proper maintenance, material failure by the Owner to comply with the Building Contract.
  • Building materials used in construction, which do not have a current product appraisal or accreditation certificate, or which do not comply with a EU standard.
  • Consequential damage or loss or costs of whatsoever nature is not covered by the Guarantee.
  • The Guarantee for Labour Only work does not cover any Defect in Materials or NonCompletion.

Obtaining a Master Build Guarantee:

  • Prior to construction starting a 5-Year Master Build Guarantee Agreement must be fully completed and signed by the Owner/s and by the Registered Master Builder.
  • The Owner/s must call Irbosol Construction Serviceson 00351 289 251 500 during normal business hours, to verify that their Builder is a current financial Registered Master Builder.
  • MBS must receive from the Registered Master Builder:
    • The completed and signed Guarantee Agreement.
    • A copy of the completed and signed Building Contract (except for Spec Houses, where the Registered Master Builder is also the Owner).
    • Payment of the applicable New Home or Alterations and Additions  5-Year Guarantee Fee.
  • Within one week of receiving all the information (listed in 3) Irbosol Construction Serviceswill write to the Owner confirming that the Guarantee has been accepted and enclosing a copy of the Guarantee Agreement signed by the Company. However, if the Owner has not received written confirmation from Irbosol Construction Serviceswithin 14 days of signing the Guarantee Application, they must call Irbosol Construction Serviceson 00351 289 351 500 for advice or instructions.

Inspection & Final Payment:

Irbosol Construction Services reserves the right to inspect the dwelling or works prior to occupation and final payment under the building contract. Ten working days notice that the work is ready for inspection must be given to Master Build Services.

  • Note that if final payment is made or occupation / possession taken prior to the written approval of Master Build Services, the Guarantee will be invalid.


The Owner’s Registered Master Builder is primarily responsible should any remedial work covered by the Guarantee be required. Any claim for defective materials or defective workmanship must be referred to the Registered Master Builder in writing. Irbosol Construction Servicesprovides a Guarantee that in the event that the Registered Master Builder does not attend to any remedial work, then the Owner/s may make a claim on the Company.

  • Note that any claim made to the Registered Master Builder that is not resolved to the Owner’s satisfaction must be referred to Irbosol Construction Services within 90 days of the Owner becoming aware of the matter giving rise to the claim, or the claim may be declined.
  • Note that Irbosol Construction Services will only pay for remedial work arranged and authorised by the Company in writing.

Building Work That Should Have A Master Build Guarantee:

  • All new residential Houses, or Apartments, or Flats, or Townhouses, up to a maximum of three levels, including any basement or garage.
  • All new freestanding or non-attached Garages built on a residential section.
  • All residential Minor Work exceeding €1000 in value, up to the members Free- Guarantee limit. (When this limit is exceeded, a standard Guarantee & fees apply).
  • Separate Guarantees must be provided for each dwelling in any multi-unit flat, apartment or town-house complex.

Building Work That Cannot Have A Master Guarantee:

  • Dwellings in excess of 3 stories (including basement or garage) are not covered under the Guarantee.
  • Guarantees for commercial or industrial building work are not available.
  • Fences, paths, driveways, landscaping, retaining walls and ancillary work such as drains and garden sheds are not covered under the Guarantee.
  • Minor residential work costing less than €1000 including IVA is too insignificant to document.

Transfer of Guarantee:

    • If the Dwelling is sold during the term of the Guarantee, the Guarantee is transferable upon request by the original Owner, who must arrange for the transfer to the new owner and pay the applicable transfer fee.
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